Episode 016

Positioning Yourself As King Of The Hill with Joel Wolh (016)


April 7th, 2020

28 mins 20 secs

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In this episode, Joel Wohl, the Amazon Madman, shares how he transitioned from one business to another. He tells how his big vision & trust in God took him so far in his journey.

Even at his darkest times personally and in business, he never loses hope because of God’s help. He understands that failures exist because they teach you something great that can serve as certain tools that you can apply in the future to avoid the same mistakes you’ve made before.

He positioned himself as an EXPERT at what he does. His clients trust him so well not only because of his skills & knowledge but the VALUE he brings to the table.

"Position yourself as King of the Hill to allow your voice to go so much further. Let the people who need who hear what you have to say. NEVER BE ASHAMED. NEVER LET FEAR TAKE AWAY YOUR SHINE."

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3 Exceptional Takeaways:

Position yourself as King of the Hill. You're the top. Allow it to travel for miles.
The very nature of online is that you want to cut through the noise. You have to speak really, really loudly because you're competing with billions of other voices.
I think that it's an art to be truly humble. It's a work in progress.

Show Highlights:

1:35 - Where did the Amazon madman come from?

Oh, it's simple. I mean there is the show Mad Men right, which is about Madison men who are an advertising on Madison Avenue.

3:20 - How did he start with his company Boutique Sellers?

Yeah. So I mean, we're going through lots of transitions. boutique seller started out as an Amazon agency, we switched over to PPC revolution, which covers so boutique sellers closing down and shifting into PPC revolution.

5:18 - What is his outlook in life?

I always had a very, very broad outlook and, you know, view of, of my financial life, meaning I was able to visualize myself making a lot more money than I did.

6:39 - What was his experience as a solopreneur at the Boutique Sellers?

Yeah, we've three offices now. I see lots of growing pain as we're switching over from an agency to more of an automated software model.

9:20 - How does he handle failure?

It's one long journey. And I don't think I'm pretty conservative by nature, right? So I've never gone and said, Hey, here's a million dollars, let's invest in this and then it just crashes and burns.

13:32 - What does he think about LinkedIn?

I don't engage on any other platforms besides LinkedIn. And you know, LinkedIn got its let's say, let's just say margins as well. We want to be careful with but I've really learned to leverage LinkedIn and LinkedIn as a business professional, whether it's b2b, even b2c.

18:41 - Why does he post rants online?

Number one, like I try to tell people online on LinkedIn, I don't really know sometimes I like to actually have a conversation like, I don't know you. I'm not really talking to you, like don't get insulted.

22:33 How does he define Greatness?

Humility. Be great by being small

23:53 - What is his one piece of advice for people to get on their Way To Greatness?

Cliche, but add value like stop trying to pitch people. I think it's the number one mistake people make is they pitch.

Originally recorded 2/27/2020