Episode 015

Turning Toxicity Into Productivity with Judi Fox (015)


March 26th, 2020

53 mins 41 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Judi Fox, a LinkedIn coach, top live video marketer, and speaker, shares her journey from being employed in a TOXIC ENVIRONMENT to becoming a SUCCESSFUL business owner!

She tells how it felt like working in a place with NO RECOGNITION & APPRECIATION. She was bullied & belittled. Despite her situation, she thrived even more to keep her work opportunity afloat without realizing that it was making her perception limitless.

Years had passed, her sacrifices were left unrecognized making her realize that she should decide to take another career path with great, amazing & supportive people around her.

Here, you'll learn the steps she took that help her get out of her situation to build her PATH TO GREATNESS.

“If the toxicity in your workplace is sabotaging your peace and sanity, always remember that YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO CHOOSE THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH. The opportunities around you are unlimited. Don’t let the toxic people take that away from you.”

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3 Exceptional Takeaways:

  • Pay attention to who you’re going to work for
  • Getting your voice again involves reaching out & finding safe spaces to do the smaller support groups that exist out there.
  • The way to greatness, it starts in your head; it starts with being kind to yourself.

Show Highlights:

2:20 Who is Judi Fox?

  • I graduated from college in 1999. And I always tell people that because leaving home and going off to college, I went to Virginia Tech instead to chemical engineering.

3:01 The kind of work she does right now

  • I have launched a signature program called LinkedIn business accelerator and that comes from reverse engineering, what works? How the psychology of sales and business and marketing.

7:04 Some of the low points she hit along the way

  • I think if you've been putting yourself out into the world in any capacity, any capacity or stretching your boundaries, which I think we all should be doing at all times, you will come against walls of either self made limitations that you might just have yourself or you have a limiting belief.

11:05 Her experience with the toxic environment & unsupportive bosses

  • I mean, I can there were, how do I say this, uh, one of the things I've learned since that time, so I did not know this when I was in it. Sometimes when you're in it, you are in a bit of survival mode because you are, I am the breadwinner for my family.

17:10 Message of hope she has for the people who are in the survival mode

  • You're not alone, I think one of the biggest issues we have is a feeling of loneliness and being alone, and that they're not alone. And there are non toxic work environments out there and amazing people out there.

21:41 Why is she a huge reader?

  • I've always been a huge reader. I know people talk about that too. But reading changes your brainwaves? Absolutely to get out of any toxic situation. And then you have to change your brainwaves.

24:02 What is the Gray Rock Method?

  • And that's how I discovered one more step that I want to tell your audience about. And it's called the gray rock theory. So when somebody is and this goes back to shutting down my voice, I discovered this pretty early on, but when somebody is toxic towards you, or aggressive,

31:58 Why did she decide to spend more time in nature?

*I was just starting to feel like I need to spend more time in nature to to really connect back with myself, hear my own voice here and be spiritually

40:56 What are some long term benefits of detaching?

*One of the first long term benefits is being able to see That I really am, who I am, I can change and I can consistently I can try to change a lot of things about myself.

48:29 Her one piece of advice so people can get on their path to greatness

*I would say the path to greatness is in between your ears. It starts here. The way you think about yourself is how you also ended up talking with other people.

Originally recorded 2/27/2020