Hi! I’m Judi Fox also known as #FoxRocks on LinkedIn.

I launched LinkedIn Business Accelerator - so everyone can LinkedIn Like a Fox 🦊 because I know first hand how building a strong network and positioning yourself online to receive opportunities… can literally change everything in life and business - it changed mine!

I started my career as a Chemical Engineer in 1999, got my Masters in Environmental Management, worked my way up the Fortune 500 ladder for 10+ years and thought - “hey… it’s always going to be easy to find a job”.

However, in 2008, the economic crisis hit, faced corporate layoffs, and unemployment. I learned quickly that a strong community of support can make ALL the difference!

The best long-term career and business insurance investment I’ve ever made was… learning how to connect, network effectively, and get the most out of using LinkedIn.

Since 2008, I was able to successfully launch my own Environmental Consulting business and also positively impacted hundreds of people with my LinkedIn Job Search Coaching and Resume business.

And then as life would have it… In 2014 a family crisis hit, I decided to go back into a full-time corporate position.
This experience forced me to FOCUS and MAKE SOLID decisions about how I spent time online.

During those 4 years, I learned that it is not a matter of “if” something tough will happen in life, but “when” and the best long-term resilient decisions anyone can ever make are leaning into strengths, trusting your intuition, making “hell yes” decisions quickly, and showing up everyday knowing and being yourself.

I filmed video ever day, took Marie Forleo’s B-School, studied marketing and sales to learn what drives social sales, online community building, and viral other focused content …

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