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Unemployment Challenges During Coronavirus with Brian Golod (017)


April 29th, 2020

1 hr 44 mins 37 secs

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In this episode, Brian Golod, the founder of Mondetize, Interview Sniper & Immigration Sniper tells about his journey of being an immigrant from Buenos Aires Argentina.
He shares how he started his online career by writing blogs. And as time passed by, he realized the power of LinkedIn in connecting with people for career advancement.

Brian saw how people struggle with getting hired for their dream jobs. He experienced talking to different people who are too frustrated because of rejection. This pushed him to create content that teaches people how to crack interviews to get hired.

His post “How To Write A Resume” gained 44,000 likes and 36,000 comments which aim to help people get interviewed & get hired.

No one is safe in the current world crisis. People are getting laid-off all over the world. Businesses are shutting down. The economy is crashing. But how do you stand up and protect yourselves from the damage? How do you fight the enemy that you can’t see?

PREPARATION. Preparing your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health could be the answer. No one knows what the real cure is. But preparing yourself for the unforeseen circumstances helps you to go through it with CALMNESS & COURAGE.

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3 Exceptional Takeaways:

  • Do what you think is right for everybody else.
  • You need to work on your own safety.
  • Stop boxing yourself. Invest in your own personal and professional development off your industry

*Show Highlights: *

3:12 Who is Brian Golod?

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there until I was almost 20 years old. And we moved to Canada almost 16 years ago with my parents and my sister. We went from a big city Buenos Aires with millions of people to a very small town in Canada, in the smallest province with just 140,000 people and he was a huge change.

6:56 How did his post go viral?

But a lot of people actually said to me, or they were saying not to me, but I mean, they were saying all these guys just trying to become famous overnight. What they didn't know is that they had posted 720 times before that one, right. So there's a thing about being consistent and showing up and doing on a daily basis, and they never took a break.

16:06 What does failure mean to him?

I think that I associate failure with disappointment. With disappointing other people, especially when I don't want to disappoint other people.

27:47 How did he unlock his potential?

I was starting to write articles on LinkedIn. And I didn't write that many,18 ,right. And then I realized that I need to write posts. So what happened is that at some point, at the beginning of my journey on LinkedIn, someone out of South Africa reached out to me, and he said, Brian, can you help me with my next interview?

39:38 What does he want to be perceived when it comes to his service?

But some people choose to come with me and some people choose to go with him, and that's totally fine. So I want to do work less. But they also believe that my service, I want to be perceived as the Rolls Royce of whatever it is that they do, because what's the value that I believe I am delivering.

44:47 What does he say about the current world crisis?

We're all hurting. A lot of organizations are shutting down as I was mentioning 10 million applications for employment insurance or unemployment insurance in the States, proportionally, we've had the same in Canada, a million, so we're 10 times less in Canada.

52:04 What is the benefit of jumping from one organization to another?

So whenever you jump from one organization to another, it's amazing because you keep on learning new skills. You keep on pushing yourself, you're always in a new environment where you have to excel. You keep on meeting new people who might have better opportunities down the road for you, you might make new friends, your best friend for life.

55:50 Why is money not a big deal to him?

First of all, that's not my personality. I'm not building relationship with people to try to take their money, I build relationships with people because I truly care to get to know them.

1:01 What advice does he have for people who would like to shift their career?

So the first one is that they have to be polished, they need to seize the opportunity whenever the opportunity knocks on their doors, right? If there's an opportunity knocking on your door and you are not ready, you don't have a resume. You don't know how to interview well. You're not presentable. You don't even have a suit to go to an interview.

1:19:20 How does professional development help in the middle of the pandemic?

I believe that people need to continue advancing in their careers and they have to stay current.They have to recognize where their industries are heading.

Originally recorded 4/8/2020