On October 8, 2018 a professional who lived in South Africa reached out to me for help with his interview skills. He didn’t have any interviews lined up so I asked him to reach out to me when he did. Two days later he reached out to me again and said that he had lined up an interview for the next day. I congratulated him and asked him whether I could help in any way. He asked me whether I knew anything about logistics/freight forwarding, to which I answered:

“I don't have any industry specific knowledge but maybe I can help you with regards to the interview itself, some tips that have worked for me.”

We had a 35-minute phone conversation in which I was able to understand what held him back in the past and provide him with solutions should those situations arose again. I also provided him with techniques and best practices that enabled him to interview professionally and stand out from other applicants. He had been unemployed for two years. The next day I assured him that everything was going to be alright:

“I just wanted to wish you the best on your interview. You’ve got this. It was a real pleasure connecting with you earlier today. I have a great feeling about you! Looking forward to your update later in the day.”

He attended the interview and when he came out he was confident that the position was his and that he felt very comfortable. He gave a firm handshake and asked the magic question that helped calm his nerves. He was offered the opportunity to become the right hand of the CEO of the multinational he interviewed at.

At the time I thought:

“If I can make a positive impact on the life of a stranger who lives across the ocean, works in a different industry and belongs to a complete different culture, then I should be able to help more people.”

I went on a mission to find more people whom I could help and one after the other started getting back on their feet after a single session with me. After helping enough people get an offer in a single interview the term Interview Sniper was born. I believe that candidates have one bullet and one shot to get that offer they are looking for.

Fast forward a year and this gentleman was offered the opportunity to move his family to China and run the operations for that organization. All he needed a year before was someone to polish his skills and give him the confidence he had lost.

Brian Golod has been a guest on 1 episode.