Chardeja enjoys both reading and writing, having written short stories in her spare time. Her favorite genre is fantasy books and fairy tales. Chardeja loves anime and also hopes to become an anime animator and author. Chardeja loves to cook as well, working on combinations from baked chicken soup to veggie pasta or even shrimp salads - the healthier the better!

Chardeja enjoys video games when not trying to catch up on school work, enjoying RPG games, open world games, and sims. Chardeja is a freshman in college, going to Arizona State University online. She is studying psychology, having started the coursework while still in high school.

Chardeja loves learning new things about everything, but most of all she likes to learn about hair. She learned how to do her own hair years ago, from Youtube but also from her mom. Her nickname back in high school was Skittles because she would always wear different types of color in her hair at once. Her favorite hair style is the original side part of faux locks.

Last but not least are Chardeja's 3 cats! Their names are: VanillaBean, Coconut, and Cashmere.

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