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How To Lose Money with Paul Moore (006)


November 28th, 2019

38 mins 56 secs

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Learn more about being a better person through the positive impact of giving, difference of being the receiver from being a giver & the real definition of success from a person who experienced an extreme financial struggle while things were falling apart. And be inspired on how he and his family managed to still give, even on their toughest time.

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00:02:04 - (Ari) You called your podcast How to Lose Money. And while we were setting up this interview, you mentioned that I should ask why. Yeah. So you definitely have a story about this. And I am incredibly curious. What is it?

00:02:04 - (Paul) One of my great goals in life is to be a great husband and father..

00:05:25 - (Paul) I decided years later when we started a podcast, I said, hey, everybody's got all these successes and I love hearing about them, but I would love to hear about people's struggles, failures, problems, setbacks

00:06:01 - (Ari) The focal point of this podcast is, of course, success and greatness

00:06:54 - (Ari) What you felt like while you were watching your empire crumble from having one and a half million in the bank to being two and a half million in debt, a $4 million swing?

00:07:24 - (Paul) I actually started a nonprofit, but I didn't get the people involved

00:07:55 - (Paul) Investing is when your principal is generally secure and you have a chance to make a profit. Speculating is when your principal is not at all secure and you have a chance to make a profit.

00:08:47 - (Paul) One of my heroes in life is a guy named George Mueller. George Mueller was a hellion in Germany in the early eighteen hundreds. And he turned into a pastor. And he actually started orphanages

00:09:20 - (Ari) Wow. You're saying just by being him. People just get donations?

00:13:19 - (Ari) So I did a little math over here on the side and I'm seeing that giving around 10 percent based on making what you said a half a million dollars.

00:13:52 - (Paul) There's some formula that would that it always would work out. I think it just worked then

00:14:36 - (Ari) Can you remember when you were in the crux of it? Two and a half billion dollars in debt. Remember how you felt?

00:14:47 - (Paul) I think since all of it was backed by real estate and since I didn't have any idea how bad real estate was going to be out again, a thousand eight, nine, I actually wasn't that worried about it

00:15:49 - (Ari) Do you have a notable story about your time in financial struggle?

00:17:08 - (Paul) We were pretty tight. I mean, we were making enormous interest payments.

00:17:53 - (Ari) How did it feel to end up being the recipient when you needed it?

00:18:00 - (Paul) I wasn't ashamed, but it was weird getting a hundred dollar gift card

00:18:28 - (Ari) Are you still debt free?

00:20:47 - (Ari) How do you define success?

00:20:56 - (Paul) Inner quality, that inner satisfaction and joy from knowing you did something really, really excellent

00:22:15 - (Ari) You told me that you work very hard to fight human trafficking. You're generating funding and you rescued victims. So how does this work? And what's the backstory?

00:24:14 - (Paul) My goal is to give a significant portion of our company's profits toward fighting human trafficking and rescuing its victims

00:24:35 - (Ari) How did this end up on your radar? How'd you get involved?

00:26:44 - (Ari) Do you have any crazy stories about human trafficking that you like to share?

00:28:08 - (Ari) Felony is a much, much, much griever crime that has a much further impact on somebody's life overall as opposed to a misdemeanor

Originally recorded 12/14/2018