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#Mojovation & LinkedIn w/ Joe Apfelbaum (003)


September 25th, 2019

36 mins 6 secs

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Learn about LinkedIn strategy, #mojovation and more with Joe Apfelbaum, our guest for today. Journey with us as we explore some failures and lessons learned as well as the best way to grow anything online - with a sound strategy and a PLAN.

Show Highlights

1:54 - [Ari] Can you tell us a little about yourself?

2:06 - [Joe] I love to mojovate entrepreneurs! I love helping entrepreneurs go from frustration to mojovation.

2:36 - [Ari] How did you come up with this whole concept of #mojovation?

4:50 - [Ari] How do you define success, you personally?

6:14 - [Joe] So for me it's a lot about awareness. Step number one is awareness. Step number two is having the right plan, the right strategy. Step number three is having accountability, the discipline, the persistence, the ability to just keep going.

7:07 - [Joe] And now I coach other entrepreneurs through The Breakthrough Maze podcast, and just in general I take them through my three step process.

8:05 - [Joe] Every single day I prepare for my day with determination. Like today I woke up at 4am and did my rituals.

9:22 - [Joe] I love helping entrepreneurs go from frustration to mojovation, that's what I love doing. I love helping entrepreneurs go from frustration to mojovation, that's my number one passion. What are some other things I like doing?

11:07 - [Joe] Your beliefs are what drive whether you take action, and action produces results.

12:54 - [Joe] I come up with my little raps that I do....[hear Joe's LinkedIn rap].

15:53 - [Joe] For example, if I ask you what you do (Joe proceeds to give an example of LinkedIn strategy, using Ari as an example; includes Joe calling Ari out for not being very active on LinkedIn, back in December 2018).

19:56 - [Ari] What are some of your biggest lessons you've learned from failed or abandoned projects?

21:30 - [Joe] And there is a difference between failure and defeat.

24:20 - [Joe] So you need to cultivate a feeling of gratitude for every feeling, and then you got to figure out, what does this mean? Why am I feeling this? What do I need to change?

28:36 - [Ari] What's a recent success that you've had?

30:00 - [Joe] I want to help 1000 hungry entrepreneurs....if you want to help 1,000,000 people you have to help 1000 first.

32:25 - [Ari] What's one action listeners can take away from this show and implement immediately?

About Joe Apfelbaum

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert and certified Google trainer. Joe is the Author of his new book High Energy Secrets, How he lost 95 pounds and has more energy than ever. When he is not Mojovating entrepreneurs at events and on social media he chills in Brooklyn with his Wife and 5 kids.

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Originally recorded 12/24/2018

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