Episode 000

Failure and Success (000 - Trailer)


September 18th, 2019

11 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

0:43 - Failure is inevitable. Let’s face, you are going to fail, guaranteed.

0:53 - So what do you do next? And that is the defining question. The question that makes all the difference in the world between the people who become tremendous successes and the people who wallow along in the troughs of history.

1:29 - Some people fail a little bit and can never get past that point of failure in their life.

1:47 - Yet successes of all types come specifically from when people take a chance.

2:01 - In our lives, especially in these days with social media around us everywhere, all we are being presented with is success.

2:28 - We’re living in a curated world.

2:41 - Yet a normal path for everybody is to go from success to failure, success to failure.

3:13 - So why did I start this podcast?

4:20 - I wanted to chronicle the journey from failure and mediocrity to success and greatness. There are so many of us that are floundering around in this state of mediocrity, not because we aren’t doing anything great, but because we haven’t made it yet, or haven’t found the right niche yet.

5:34 - A lot of people, by default, define success by the amount of money people make.

8:01 - The real question is, how do you define greatness, and how are you getting there?

9:58 - Let’s talk to people! Let’s get their insights! Let’s get their outlook. Let’s learn what they learned so that when we’re at the top, and when we’re at the bottom, we don’t necessarily have to make the same mistakes, or, we can have a better perspective….that helps us deal with it and move past it.