Mike Young is the founder of The Makeover Master, host of the top rated “Made Over Podcast”, author of "Made Over: How To Create A Powerful Brand That Will Transform Your Business & Save Your Life", and a seasoned entrepreneur.
Mike is the creator of the “Starter Pack Makeover Business System”, as part of what he considers his life’s work and duty to help others avoid the hellish 8.5 years of debt, pain and growing pains (and $200,000+) he spent buying every book and course he could afford, traveling to every seminar and event imaginable trying to get his business to work.
He works with those who have a business but it’s “not really working” and they can’t seem to discover the real reasons why.
Mike’s system and methodologies fix a giant problem that many business owners face in today’s world of generic advice and information overload, a problem that’s keeping them from running a successful business, costing them money, time, energy and focus.
Trying to figure it all out alone, spinning their wheels and trying a lot of shit that simply isn’t working.

I've gone through all of the ups and downs associated with the entrepreneurial journey and have dozens of stories and examples I can share associated with courage, overcoming adversity, mindset, values, success and more...I can share my story, learning lessons, what works and what doesn't work. I'm glad to talk about anything to help add value to your audience so they can learn from my mistakes and wisdom. *Stories Attached On My Podcast/Press Kit from liquid millionaire to $200,000 in debt in less than six months as I began my entrepreneurial journey...

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